Sunday, February 3, 2008

Mary Alice Pratt: our Walker Extraordinaire

Mary Aice Pratt, Walker ExtraordinaireMary Alice Pratt received a regional CROP Walker Extraordinaire Award at a dinner gathering with her Newman Center (Holy Spirit Catholic Church) Social Justice/Peace Ministry Committee on January 25, 2008. Her nomination was accepted by regional CWS board last month. Greater Lexington CROP Walk Coordinator Judy Ellis presented Mary Alice with a certificate and 2 recognition gifts on behalf of Rev. J. Dunson, Regional Director of CWS.

Mary Alice was recognized as an energetic, faithful supporter of the CROP Walk program for past 8-10 yrs. Not only is she an effective recruiter for donations and walkers BUT she walks the entire route (3 miles this year) and many of the 'much younger' participants joyfully announce that they have a hard time 'keeping up with Mary Alice." She is always enthusiastic when called when it's CROP time! Never an excuse that she is too busy! She is adored, loved and admiredby so many within her church and community.

Mary Alice is an exemplary, faithful servant for all of us. She is also ardently devoted to other social justice/peace/poverty ministries within Ky, including recently being elected to BUILD's (Building United Interfaith Lexington thru Direct-Action) Executive Committee.

AND...Lex. CROP Walk received a $ 500 donation just last month.   :)   Now, we total $ 17,300 !

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