Thursday, August 30, 2007

On-line Registration and Sponsorship

Walkers in 2004 Walkers who register on-line can receive credit for contributions made on-line by sponsors. Please take advantage of this opportunity.

You can register as an individual walker or you can register as part of a team. The team may be a church, organization, family, or other group of walkers. (The first person who registers as a member of a new team automatically creates that team.)

Sponsors may make a contribution by credit card in the name of an individual or in the name of a team. After registering as a walker, you might want to inform potential sponsors by email.

Follow this link to register or to become a sponsor. To register, click the "REGISTER HERE" button. To sponsor an individaul, click on the person's name (or you may have to pick ">>search" and type in someone's first name or last name). To sponsor a team or team member, click on the team's name.

So far, Second Presbyterian Church, Christ Church Cathedral, Calvary Baptist Church, Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, and the Pisgah Presbyterian Youth Group have created teams.

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